Restaurant Quince is  “a love” of different cultures; at local, regional and international levels. We base ourselves on the passion for flavors – flavors from the Mediterranean, Asia, Europe and America. We always have the native Mallorcan products in mind and we manage to reach out to as well as meat and fish lovers to vegetarians and vegans.

En Restaurant Quince , we are extremely careful with the quality and service on which our success is based on getting our guests to enjoy. Our characteristic is our sincere and simple style that takes you on a tour of flavors and nuances.

Located in the charming village of Porto Cristo on the beautiful island of Mallorca, with panoramic views of the harbor where the sea becomes your company and the sun becomes your light, you will definitely enjoy your visit at Quince.

What do we do?

Quince Restaurant

Food with quality for all tastes, vegans, seafood lovers, carnivores, gluten-free, vegetarians…




Quality and good service for our customers


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